Our High Quality Legal Apps Start at $1,000

This gets your Law Firm its own branded mobile app available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

We have worked for over 5 years to perfect the features that we offer into our legal mobile apps. Our team has made it very easy for you to create your mobile app by letting you pick and choose which features appear in your app.

What Do I Get With My App?

What Is An Incident Center?

An incident center is a robust intake form where the app user can enter a variety of information about a particular incident and have it sent directly to your law firm. Incident forms vary by practice area so you get the right information and all of these forms let the app user send in photos and audio statements.

These Incident Centers are highlighted on the home screen of your app so they can easily be found. These centers are crucial to collecting data from both current and potential clients to help build a legal case.

Scroll down to see examples of apps with different Incident Centers

One Price, Two Apps

You’ll get an iPhone and Android app. Two markets which cover over 95% of ALL smart phones in use today!


Examples Of Apps With Different Incident Areas

Single Incident Center


Set-Up Fee: $1,000

This app specializes solely in Criminal Defense.

Two Incident Centers


Set-Up Fee: $1250

This app is equipped to handle both Personal Injury and Criminal Defense type cases.

Four Incident Centers


Set-Up Fee: $1,750

This app is equipped to handle both Personal Injury and Criminal Defense type cases.

What Is Big Momma Time?

Big Momma Time is our online dashboard that provides you additional interactive features for our mobile apps.

What Can I Do With The Dashboard?

Send Push Notifications Send SMS-like messages to your app users.

Companies everywhere are utilizing Push Notifications to keep the app user engaged. Your law firm can do the same by offering occasional legal tips or even letting your users know of any upcoming community events.

Attorney Bios Keep your team's bios updated.

Always keep your team’s information up to date. Whether your law firm is growing with new attorneys or you want to display recent achievements, you can easily update each biography in our dashboard.

Firm Details Updated forever.

This is where your app users will read about your law firm. It is essential that you always show your latest law firm information and achievements to let them know who they are working with.

Practice Areas List the legal services offered by your firm.

Many clients may not know which practice areas your law firm is capable of handling. If you are capable of handling many different practice areas, let them know by keeping the list of case types you handle up to date.

Social Media Links Grow your following with direct links to your social profiles.

Social media has become one of the most effect ways a company can advertise and market themselves. It’s crucial to always be growing your social following but sometimes it’s not clear your firm even has a Facebook page or Twitter account. We’ve designated a whole section to keeping your social media pages easily available in your mobile app.

Office Locations Keep your office locations up to date.

Using our dashboard, you can easily update a changed office address or add a new office location. This ensures that your app users always have your current office address which they can get driving direction to right from your mobile app.

After your app goes live, we will send you a login to our Big Momma Time Dashboard. Updating an item in your app happens almost instantly after you hit save in our dashboard.

Big Momma Time

75 $ /mo

  • Push Notifications
  • Big Momma Time
  • Product Updates
  • Technical Support
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This $75 monthly service is required to power your mobile app.

Our monthly fee is collected automatically on the first of each month. Monthly fees start after your app goes live in either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. There is no commitment required for our monthly service, you may cancel at anytime.